Scottish Sun sets biggest-ever sales lead over Record

THE Scottish Sun has established its biggest-ever average sales lead over its rival, the Daily Record, insodoing creating – for the first time since it overtook the Record to become Scotland’s biggest-selling daily newspaper – a 50,000-plus divide between the two titles.

Say the June ABCs, the gap – as measured by Average Net Circulation – between The Scottish Sun and its nearest rival, the Daily Record, was 50,493. In May, it was 45,208; in April, it was 37,262 and in March, it was 43,372.

In June, the Scottish Sun’s average daily sale was 365,450 (compared to 364,588 in May), as opposed to the Daily Record’s 314,957 (compared to 319,380 in May).

Meanwhile, the average for the country’s biggest-selling newspaper, the Sunday Mail, was 377,225. In May, it was 388,252; in April, it was 404,229; and in March, it was 408,753.

Average Net Circulation figures include free give-aways.

The newspapers to enjoy an increase between May and June were the Scottish Sun, the Scottish News of the World, the Scottish Daily Mail, the Scottish Daily Star, the Scottish Daily Express, Scotland on Sunday, the Scottish Sunday Express, the Scottish Daily Star – Sunday, The Times, the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, and The Independent.

The other figures, at a glance, are:

Scottish News of the World 305,210 (compared to 302,464 for May), Sunday Post 239,145 (compared to 241,751), Scottish Daily Mail 118,914 (118,406), Scottish Mail on Sunday 99,085 (101,765), Scottish Daily Star 90,851 (88,314), Scottish Daily Express 71,347 (71,203), Sunday Times Scotland 68,523 (69,117), Scotland on Sunday 59,873 (58,989), The Herald 57,534 (58,349), The Scotsman 46,483 (47,072), Scottish Sunday Express 41,292 (40,923), Sunday Herald 37,170 (38,539), Scottish Daily Star – Sunday 28,178 (25,742), The Times 27,647 (27,559), Scottish Daily Mirror 27,524 (27,539), Daily Telegraph 26,402 (26,226), Scottish Sunday Mirror 23,931 (24,832), Sunday Telegraph 21,537 (22,421), The Observer 20,763 (20,980), People 16,606 (18,050), The Guardian 15,862 (15,814), The Independent 9,101 (9,042), Independent on Sunday 6,823 (7,078), and Financial Times 4,441 (4,646).

Tomorrow, the year-on-year percentage falls and increases…