‘Cure for journalism’ video promoted by spoof video

A FORMER news editor at the Greenock Telegraph has produced a video designed to lift the spirits of journalists, comprising an advert for a fictional antidote, Printoxafin, for the condition, ‘Journalism’.

Canadian, Tristan Stewart-Robertson, made the video after seeing pharmaceutical adverts back home.

A former reporter also on the Greenock Telegraph, Tristan now works freelance. He left the Greenock Telegraph last year.

Says the video: “Nine out of ten reporters suffer from Journalism.”

He told allmediascotland.com: “When I was home in Canada in May, I saw US commercials for pharmaceuticals which are hilarious for all the side-effects they’re legally obliged to admit. And with so much doom and gloom in the newspaper industry, I figured a bit of satire couldn’t hurt.”

Contact Tristan, who operates as W5 Press Agency, via his website, www.w5pressagency.com.