Be alert (as the old joke goes: Spike needs lerts)

WANT to be alerted to breaking news on Spike? Or the latest media release just posted? Or diary item just filed?

One way, of course, is to visit lots of times per day. Another is to sign up to the alert system known as RSS.

Currently, offers three RSS alerts: for Spike, for media releases and for the diary.

Go to the bottom left corner of the home page and sign up (though, as explained, RSS requires you to have relevant software, which, if you don’t already have, we offer links to).

And that’s not all. We are investigating ways to allow you the chance to choose between being alerted to all the media releases just posted on or only those media releases that fall into a particular category, such as sport or art and entertainment .

Should it come off, we hope it will represent especially good news for specialist journalists.