Online video delivery service announces formal launch date

A DATE next month has been set for the formal launch of a service allowing video content to be securely sent online to media organisations.

Tradeclips – which is currently advertising on allmediascotland, as part of a ‘soft launch’ – is being officially unveiled on November 19, in London.

It is being described as a ‘YouTube for business’ and is being launched by the founders of Newslink, which delivers media releases direct into the editorial in-boxes of media outlets, insodoing by-passing any difficulties that might be encountered using email.

As well as video, Tradclips also handles audio, text and still images.

Says Tradeclips, in a statement issued yesterday: “For a range of agencies – from online news to digital, photo, video and PR – the need to manage digital assets, both picture and video, has become a costly and logistical headache.

“Tradeclips is a natural extension to the Newslink service which for more than 20 years has delivered written content directly and securely to the desktops of the national news media outlets.”

Says Tradeclips chief executive, James Powell-Tuck: “Whether you consume or create digital content, the explosion in images and video cannot have gone unnoticed in recent years. The rich experience of online news which uses video, images and text is now common, but managing this content is increasingly causing businesses logistical and financial headaches.

“If you create digital content, Tradeclips is an excellent store-front which can help you monetise your asset with a ready-made national media audience.  If you use digital images and video, Tradeclips will quickly become the one stop shop to source high-quality digital media content.”