And the winner is….

IN time, allmediascotland readers will get to choose – via an online poll – who wins the ‘Headline of the month’ competition being run by the site in association with whisky folk, Whyte and Mackay.

But that’s the future. For the November competition, the winner is being chosen by AMS.

The contenders included:

* Hawick Isn’t that R’d to spell… – The Scotsman – A newly-erected road sign on a busy roundabout in Edinburgh has misspelled ‘Hawick’, ‘Harwick’.

* Beauty in the iPhone of the beholder – Metro – Story about people using iPhones to create eye-catching art.

* Skit And miss From A&M – The Herald – TV page review of Armstrong and Miller’s BBC TV sketch show.

* Fan-tashe-stic look for Page 3’s Kelly – The Scottish Sun – Charity story on Prostate Cancer research and new moustache-print shirt that’s now on sale, in support of it.

* Course you can have my house – The Scottish Sun – Story about a North-east pensioner offering to give Donald Trump his house in exchange for one in Florida.

* Hit Obama books turn city publisher into Jamie Bling – Edinburgh Evening News – about Edinburgh publisher, Jamie Byng, of Canongate Books, cashing in on a deal which secures the rights to the US President’s autobiographies.

* Tea rooms turn over a new leaf – Sunday Herald magazine – Tale about the increasing popularity of tea.

* Signed. Sealed. Delivered. Up Yours! – Scottish Sun (you’ll remember the Stevie Wonder track) – Accompanying coverage of the signing of the EU Treaty that leaves Britain, where exactly?

* Dino sores shed light on teen rex – The Herald – Story about scientists making all sorts of excitable assumptions about the behaviour of dinosaurs, based on wounds found on a young T. Rex skeleton.

* Pardon me, boy . . . is this the cash-in queue for Choo Shoes? – Scottish Sun – Tale about Jimmy Choo shoes going on sale in H&M stores and fears that fights would break out as fashion victims try to get hold of them.

* Scotland wails – Sunday Herald – Following the 3-0 defeat of the Scottish football team, by Wales.

* Opportunity Knox for Hogmanay – The Scotsman – Tale about plans to mark the 450th anniversary of the Scottish Reformation with a series of events to take place during Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations.

* Hip-hop samples Tweed – The Herald – Story about range of tweed clothing for top rappers.

* From manure to couture – Sunday Herald – Feature on fashion designer who is from farming stock.

* Pantos worth their buttons – The Herald  – Feature on panto time.

And the winner is….. Pardon me, boy . . . is this the cash-in queue for Choo Shoes?, from the Scottish Sun.

It was nominated by PR person, Stephen Rafferty; AMS is hunting down identify the author of the headline.

Up for grabs each month are bottles of Whyte & Mackay Special whisky – for both the author of the headline and the person who has nominated it, with the monthly winners entered in a ‘Headline of the year’ competition where two bottles, each worth an estimated £150, of Whyte & Mackay 30 year-old are the prizes.

Eligible are headlines in Scottish newspapers (national and local), plus Scottish magazines and online.