Times a-changing at DC Thomson?

NEWSPAPER publisher, DC Thomson, has long been a pretty ‘tight ship’, and so it is unlikely to be before an announcement is officially made that the identity of its new Evening Telegraph newspaper editor is known.

But allmediascotland hears that the talk on the ‘shop floor’ is of yet another sign that the old ways of doing things is perhaps being confined to the past, even if slowly.

Should the successful candidate be an external one, then it would be a first for the Dundee evening title – at least in living memory.

And times do seem to be a-changing. The Sunday Post editor, David Pollington, took early retirement in October, after almost nine years in the post and 42 years with the company and it’s understood a recently-appointed editor at the publisher’s Scots Magazine was there for barely a nano-second compared to the 270 years the venerable title has been on the go.

As one source might say: “Jings, crivvens, help ma boab!”