Good work, fella

Yesterday’s Scotsman newspaper carried a preview of football’s Scottish Cup tie between Hibernian and ‘junior’ side, Irvine Meadow.

And, judging by some of the comments accompanying the online version of the article, writer, Matt Vallance, must be feeling particularly pleased this morning.

As one commentator remarks of the freelancer’s story: “Surely some credit for the opening gambit of the piece? Anyone who can work Major-General Orde Wingate and his Chindit-assisted Burmese success against the Japs into a story about a junior football team deserves major kudos.”

So, let’s enjoy: “His famous namesake, Major-General Orde Wingate, overcame massive odds in leading the successful Chindits campaign against the Japanese in Burma in World War II. Now Irvine Meadow defender Derek Wingate is hoping for another victory against massive odds, in his junior club’s Active Nation Scottish Cup tie against Hibernian at Easter Road tomorrow.”