Journalism and the movies: GFT short season

‘ALL the President’s Men’ might be considered by many to be the greatest-ever movie about journalism, but it has many close rivals, four of which are to be screened – starting tomorrow – at the Glasgow Film Theatre.

The short, GFT season about journalism and the movies begins with Scots movie director, Sandy Mackendrick’s Sweet Smell of Success, starring Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis.

The same film appeared in a similar season hosted by the Edinburgh Filmhouse, in association with, some five years ago.

Introducing the GFT season will be journalism professor at Strathclyde University, Brian McNair, who is a regular blogger on He has a book on the subject, Journalists in Film, coming out – published by Edinburgh University Press.

Sweet Smell of Success (PG)

January 12 – 12.45pm

January 13 – 6.15

Tony Curtis plays Falco, a desperate publicist eager to get his clients mentioned in J.J Hunsecker’s (Burt Lancaster) influential gossip column. Hunsecker makes him a deal: if Falco can break up his sister’s engagement to a debauched jazz musician, then Hunsecker will play ball. Crackling with energetic direction and witty dialogue, the film ranks as one of the best films of the 50s.

The Passenger (12A)

January 20 – 5.50pm

A listless journalist (Jack Nicholson) arrives in Africa to cover guerrillas fighting in the Sahara Desert but fails to break any significant ground. When a local acquaintance with a startling resemblance to the reporter dies, he assumes the dead man’s identity and all the strange consequences that it entails.

Broadcast News (15)

27 January – 5.50pm

Three TV news reporters find themselves in a bizarre love triangle as they struggle to keep it together on and off screen. Jane (Holly Hunter) is a talented producer who wants to be feared by her male co-workers but still viewed as attractive to Tom (William Hurt) who is intimidated by her outspoken attitude. Meanwhile, Aaron (Albert Brooks) finds himself on the sidelines, hungry for his big break and another chance with Jane.

Shattered Glass (12A)

February 3 – 6.15pm

An ambitious journalist resorts to fabricating his stories for The New Republic, a respected political journal based in Washington D.C. As the doubts about the validity of his stories begin to grow, his colleagues question their ability to minimise the damage from his numerous lies. Based on a true story.