Red pen nomination wins capital vote

A PARLIAMENTARY candidate at the General Election is to campaign for, among things, that every copy of the Edinburgh Evening News includes a red pen, should there be any grammatical mistakes that require correcting.

It follows a motion to that effect being voted by the audience at a show staged last night in the capital by comedian, Mark Thomas.

As part of Thomas’s current tour, audiences are asked to suggest policies for a People’s Manifesto. He reads out many of the ideas and, at the end, everyone votes for the policies they like.

And last night, at the Stand comedy venue, the audience passed six motions, among them the Edinburgh Evening News one.

Thomas is publishing a book next week with similar suggestions from previous gigs – ‘Mark Thomas Presents the People’s Manifesto’. As a way of promoting it, the publisher is putting up the money for a candidate to stand in the UK elections using the book as their manifesto.