Media job hunting advice provided by newspaper recruitment supplement

MEDIA students are being urged by an university director of journalism to learn extra skills to make themselves more employable in the industry, because figures reveal that more media graduates are likely to be out of work three years after completing their degree than those from other courses, except in art and design.

Stirling University’s Jenny McKay is one of a number of interviewees quoted in a feature about media jobs appearing in today’s edition of The Scotsman’s recruitment supplement.

Writer, Sara McCorquodale, provides an extensive list of advice on how to find work in the media.

Her article includes where’s best to look for media internships, and how to behave when you manage to get one. It also features advice from established figures in the media and recent graduates who have found work.

The article also gives a list of ‘Top Tips and Websites’ for those who are interested and general ideas to help with the media job search.

But it also carries health warnings of an industry suffering job cuts.

Napier University journalism student, Sian Lower, told allmediascotland: “Despite the generally negative outlook for the sector as a whole, this article is largely positive and also includes refreshingly realistic and achievable steps for those panicking about their future in the media – definitely worth a read for all media students, and graduates.”