New look for Business7

A FREE, weekly business newspaper in Scotland has undergone its first redesign since its launch three years ago.

Business7 has been overhauled with an updated colour scheme and design changes.

Differences include the masthead moving to the top of the front page, bylines boxed in blue with email addresses underneath, nib columns backgrounded with a light blue and folios at the top of pages now in a bolder blue.

The in-house design team of the Trinity Mirror-owned title’s sister publication, Insider magazine, have been working on the update since the turn of the year.

The new look is out today.

Alasdair Northrop, editor in chief of Business7 and editor of Insider, said: “We felt it was time for evolution but didn’t want a revolution.

“Over the past few months we have been considering a number of design changes and believe now is the right time to introduce them.

“We feel the new look of Business7 brightens up the paper considerably and we hope our readers and advertisers like it.”

Ewan Lauder, designer at Insider magazine, was the creative leading the changes.

He said: “We have modified the colour palette with the introduction of different shades of blue and a dash of orange to brighten the pages up throughout.

“Writers’ bylines and the folios at the top of pages have also been overhauled to strengthen the design offering across the paper.”

Anyone unable to pick up the paper version can access the digital paper at