Harkess hits back

ANYONE wondering what former deputy editor of The Herald, Janette Harkess, is up to these days could have found out in no uncertain terms yesterday, thanks to a letter in Scotland on Sunday newspaper.

If being a good journalist is about marshaling the facts and presenting them in a cogent and logical fashion, then she has lost none of these basic skills – albeit in a new role.

Harkess is now director of policy and research for the Glasgow-based Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI).

And in response to an article in the previous week’s edition of SoS – which was asking what the SCDI had done to promote Scotland’s international trade; adding that Scottish businesses ‘should get out more’ – she produced a stream of facts in defence of her organisation, concluding: “In four weeks’ time, 22 Scottish businesses will visit Shanghai and Hong Kong on an SCDI trade visit led by the First Minister, Alex Salmond.”

Harkess joined the Herald and Times group from the Scottish Daily Mail as deputy editor of The Evening Times in December 1999. She became deputy editor of The Herald four years ag.