Watling’s words-per-minute earns her shorthand prize

A TRAINEE reporter at the Press and Journal newspaper in Aberdeen has gleaned a top award from the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) for her outstanding shorthand skills.

Lindsay Watling picked up the prize for best shorthand note and transcription at 110-to-120 words-per-minute (wpm) at a seminar attended by shorthand teachers throughout the UK.

Watling, who completed an NCTJ-accredited fast track course at commercial provider, News Associates, in London, impressed with a 100 per cent accuracy rate in her final transcription.

Watling, 25, has been at the P&J since the start of last month. A graduate in history and French, she saved up earnings from a stint teaching enterprise skills to young people to embark on what was a six-month NCTJ course.

Says the award winner, who received a certificate and £250 for her efforts: “I was delighted to hear I had won the prize. It was a wonderful surprise and I didn’t expect it all. It’s good to know the hard work paid off.”