Crow flies the Scottish Tories nest

A FORMER political correspondent at STV has departed as director of strategy and communications for the Conservative Party in Scotland – just over a year after having taken up the post.

In a brief statement concerning the departure of Michael Crow, issued by the Scottish Tories, he is described as having been “extremely effective”. But he seems to have become a casualty of budget cuts.

Says Scottish Tories chair, Andrew Fulton: “Michael has been an extremely effective and efficient Director of Strategy and Communications for the Conservative Party in Scotland. He has made a massive contribution to the Conservative Party at both a Scottish and UK level and we are extremely grateful for all the hard work and expertise he brought to the organisation.

“The General Election campaign he helped run was extremely professional and well organised. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints we have to let him go, but we hope he will play a role in the future of the Conservative Party in some capacity.”

Crow is quoted, saying: “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Conservative Party and wish everyone well in the UK Government and in the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections. The party faces financial constraints at the moment and that has led to the current situation.”