Party being planned to remember tenth anniversary of Business a.m. Launch

TEN years ago next month, a brand new Scottish newspaper ‘hit the streets’ in a blaze of publicity.

Now, former staff and contributors at the mould-breaking, pink business tabloid, Business a.m., are planning a reunion to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the paper’s launch.

Former marketing team members, Hazel Taylor and Dianne Newman, are looking to track down as many staff as possible for an event in central Edinburgh around the 20th of next month – the date of Business a.m.’s launch in 2000.

A trailblazer in its business model, format, design, and quality of coverage, Business a.m. won many plaudits and a loyal following, but launched as the dot-com boom turned to bust and closed two years later.

Said Hazel: “We thought that it would be a good idea to organise a bit of a reunion celebration as we come up for the ten-year anniversary. The date and venue are still to be confirmed but it will be held in the centre of Edinburgh and the date will be pretty close to the ten-year anniversary of the launch.”

Hazel and Dianne have already made contact with around 40 former staff through Facebook and other connections, but have at least 60 more names on their list.

Those contacted so far include Wendy Struth, Clare Smith, George Sandison, Gill Neil, Hilary Douglas, Dave Roulstone, Kate Green, Guy Griffiths, Cheryl Moir, Fiona Jamieson, Ursula Posh, Lynne Lester, Maureen Macdonald, Tracy Kerwin, Martine Maxwell, George Sandison, Richard Chrighton, Jenny Proudfoot, Paul Beveridge, Andy Sampson, Ally Palmer , Vicky Masterson, Paul Stokes, Ally Nimmo, Campbell Murdoch, Chris Hope, Richard Neville, Magnus Lewellin, Tina Fong, Gavin Stamp, Catherine Johnstone, Ken Welsby, Jim Chisholm, John Penman, Barry Henderson, Nigel Donaldson, Dick Pringle, Jamie Dettmer, Tom Lynch, Alistair Crighton, James Ashton, Ben Griffiths, Audrey Oh, Jill Samuel, Peter Curtain, Maggie Stanfield, Andrew Collier and Perry Gourley.

Other Business a.m. staff and contributors still to be tracked down or contacted include Richard Allan, Michelle McGinty, Andrew Beach, Gregor Paul, Dave King, Paul Rogerson, Karl West, David Thompson, Scott Reid, Ian Bell, Lyn Corbett, Julie McArthur, Stuart Nicolson, Dave Black, Alan Brown, Jim Gough, Linda Sergeant, Michael Gill, Bob Thomson, Martin Hillman, Jason Ormiston, Christine Ferguson, Kate Bulbulian/Mills, Colin Donald, Robert Taylor, Douglas Friedli, Martin Williams, Craig Williams, Richard Moore, Anders Rosengren, Nick Clayton, Julia Fields, James Taggart, Michelle Rodger, Christine Jardine, Ian Ritchie, Clare Haney, Jan Patience, Gareth Mackie, Aileen Easton, Chris Deerin, Lesley Campbell, Claire Prentice, Neil Rafferty, Graeme Stewart, Jennifer Trueland, Matthew Shelley, Lesley Riddoch and Jackie McGlone.