Scotsman Hails SNP Media Team

The media team behind the SNP's dramatic Scottish Parliament victory on Thursday has been hailed by The Scotsman.

Said the paper's Saturday edition: “The close coterie of advisers who masterminded the SNP’s sensational win was led by Peter Murrell, the chief executive of the SNP.

“The team included Kevin Pringle, another character who remains in the shadows, but has been Alex Salmond’s media adviser for many years.

“An extremely able spin doctor who once headed communications for Scottish Gas, Mr Pringle is a shrewd strategist who has forged a good relationship with the Scottish media.

“He was helped by Stuart Nicolson, an ex-Daily Mail political reporter, who, like Mr Pringle, stepped down from his role as government special adviser to work for the party during the election.

“Also dealing with the media was Liz Lloyd, a hard-working, good-humoured and reliable press officer originally from North-East England.”

Regarding Llloyd's reported good humour, Robbie Dinwoodie, writes in Saturday's edition of The Herald, of her reaction to SNP candidate, Marco Biagi, winning Edinburgh Central by 237 – thanks to a 10.16 per cent swing from the Liberal Democrats.

Biagi is said to be an expert on polls and number crunching, with Lloyd quoted as saying: “I texted him and said: ‘Congratulations – you’re fired’.”

PS One of Salmond's other advisers is Alex Bell, formerly an executive director of….