Sun Newspaper Fights Back over Brown Claims

The Sun newspaper has accused rival titles of 'hypocrisy' over claims one if its key exclusives originated from illegal means.

The stinging attack follows claims – yesterday rebutted by the publishers of The Sun newspaper – that a story revealing the son of former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, had cystic fibrosis came from illegal access to the family’s medical records.

Says the red-top's editorial today: “For nine days News International has been under siege as a result of the behaviour of a number of News of the World journalists several years ago.

“The Sun had not been dragged into the scandal, though it was obvious our commercial rivals and political enemies were desperate for it to happen.

“Then, on Monday, they reported that in 2006 The Sun illegally 'obtained' – or even 'hacked' – the medical records of Gordon Brown’s infant son Fraser and found he had cystic fibrosis.

“The story was fed to our eager rivals by 'friends' of the former Prime Minister.

“We will not let it stand.”

The News International-owned title has insisted the story, which ran five years ago, came from a member of the public who voluntarily passed information on about the former PM’s son, it is understood to The Sun in Scotland.

The editorial continues: “The Browns worked with us on the story through the Chancellor's office and provided quotes. And they didn't complain about our coverage.

“It would be odd for a newspaper not to investigate information like this in the sensitive way we did.

“And once we ran the story online and No.11 issued a statement, every major news outlet in Britain saw no harm in covering it.

“Those same papers now sanctimoniously baying for The Sun’s blood gave Fraser’s condition massive coverage themselves. They include The Guardian, The Independent, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror and Daily Mail.

“What hypocrisy they have shown.”