Hickey Hits Out at BBC Scotland Staff

Not one to bite his tongue, Scottish Daily Express diarist, Hickey, is up to his old tricks again today with a swipe at BBC Scotland staff.

In the wake of last week’s strike at the Glasgow-based broadcaster in support of members of the NUJ at the Corporation, Hickey writes: “Switching on G’Morning Sco’lan’ on Friday morning, whom should I hear instead but the chaps from Radio 4, as the Glasgow-based chumps were – mercifully – on strike.

“Popping down to their Pacific Quay HQ to have a squint, how amused I was to see the sad little nerks on their weedy picket line dressed up like Palestinian freedom fighters and shrieking.

“Rarely have I come across a more mollycoddled bunch of overpaid twerps, but thankfully I could listen to some proper news for a change.”