Lawwell Calls on Scottish Media to Help Restore National Game to Pride of Place

The chief executive of Celtic football club has called on all parties within Scottish football – including the media – to step up to restore the reputation of 'the beautiful game'.

Speaking yesterday, Parkhead chief exective, Peter Lawwell, insisted Scotland’s game has a sizeable “repair job” on its hands after finding itself front-page rather than back-page news last season.

The comments come in the same week as the latest Scottish Premier League campaign got underway, with the Celtic chief urging unity among clubs, politicians and the Scottish media.

Lawwell is quoted in today’s Herald as saying: “We have a big repair job to be done in terms of the game. Outwith our borders people think we’re mad. Lunatics.

“Friends in England ask me what on earth was going on. But I am optimistic because last season we reached a new low. Hopefully people have learned from what went on and there’s a greater degree of balance and responsibility.”

Last season, among other things, Celtic manager, Neil Lennon, was the target of incendiary parcels sent in the post.

Adds Lawwell: “Hopefully everyone has realised what happened last year and that we need to get back on a positive footing. It’s societal. What we need is a lot more positivity from football players, teams, the media, politicians and the regulators.”