Modest Falls for Scots Magazines in Latest Circulation Audit

Circulation falls of a relatively modest two-to-four per cent have been revelaled for the handful of Scots titles featured in the most recent audit of magazine sales figures.

While many well-known Scots titles are absent from this round of the bi-annual publication of magazine sales figures, by the Audit Bureau of Circulation, of those that did feature, Homes & Interiors saw its year-on-year sales fall by 3.9 per cent, while, for the Times Educational Supplement Scotland, it was a drop of 2.7 per cent. 

Says ABC, some 96.2 per cent of the average 10,845 copies of Homes & Interiors Scotland distributed between January and the end of June were 'actively purchased', with 10,845 some 3.9 per cent down on the 11,284 of 12 months before and some 4.7 per cent on the 11,377 of six months previously.

For the Times Educational Supplement Scotland, its January-June average of 6,176 (of which 81.9 per cent was 'actively purchased') was down 2.7 per cent from the 6,348 of 12 months previously but 1.4 per cent up on the 6,089 of six months before. In February, the magazine underwent a design revamp.

Elsewhere, free title, Glasgow-based Source magazine, saw its year-on-year average drop by 2.1 per cent, from the average June 2010 figure of 32,005 to 31,320 12 months later. Its average six-month figure to the end of December last year was 32,255. A careers and lifestyle magazine, Source is aimed at school, college and university students.

And finally, the DC Thomson-owned People's Friend saw its January-to-June average drop to 268,230 – some 7.9 per cent down, year-on-year, from 291,394. Its June-December 2010 average was 282,766. Some 99.9 per cent of the People's Friend circulation was 'actively purchased'.