Hearts owner launches another attack on the media

THE owner of Hearts FC has launched another attack on the media.

Just days after the club lifted a ban, stretching back to October, on speaking to the media, Vladimir Romanov, has issued a statement where the media are described as, among other things, ‘monkeys’.

Romanov is seeking to sell the club.

And on the club’s website, he writes of the media: “I am used to their lies. I remember when the fight started between two people at the end of one of our AGMs and all the cameras were there as they were expecting it. Later that episode was covered by all major stations as backdrop of the AGM, trying to portray the club as a mess.”

The media ban followed comments made to the media by the club’s manager, Paulo Sergio, which then landed him in front of a Scottish Football Association disciplinary committee. The club was annoyed that the SFA had been contacted by the media for a reaction, following Sergio’s comments.