Brocklebank calls for tougher regulation of the Press

THE former journalist and MSP, Ted Brocklebank, is urging for tougher regulation of the press than that operated by the Press Complaints Commission.

He was responding to the Leveson Inquiry into press standards which heard, at the start of the week, from former Sun editor, Kelvin MacKenzie, who said, among others, he had little regard for people’s privacy.

Brocklebank is a former head of news and current affairs for Grampian TV – now better known as STV North.

In today’s Sunday Post, he writes: “Like Lord Leveson, I agree that freedom of the press is a fundamental bedrock of society. But so is press responsibility. Somewhere in the dash for circulation and ratings certain editors and media proprietors have lost the key component necessary for their trade. It’s called judgement.”

He adds: “While Lord Leveson is already ruling out state regulation, his report will have to come up with a tougher replacement for the PCC and probably heftier fines for media offenders.”