Brown steps back to 1952

HE was being paid £2 10 shillings a week as a cub reporter – half of what his mother was earning for 48 hours-a-week working in the local linoleum factory.

The Queen and former Daily Record assistant editor (politics), Tom Brown, both started their ‘jobs’ on the same day, in 1952.

And in yesterday’s Essay of the Week, in the Scottish Daily Mail, Brown records his first solo assignment as a cub reporter was “to hear the proclamation of Her Majesty’s accession to the throne being read from the steps of Kirkcaldy Toon Hoose”.

Brown, who received a Lifetime Achievement award at the Scottish Press Awards two years ago, ends by writing: “I always said I would abdicate when Elizabeth did, but she shows every sign of going on, and on, and on. I will just have to try to keep up.”