Vox pop praise for Ennis mag cover

THE cover of the latest issue of the women’s magazine, Marie Claire, has received plaudits in the blog of a Scotland-based magazine designer.

West Lothian-based Matthew Ball – who is currently working on a redesign of, among others, Motorcycle News – was so impressed by the cover, which features Olympic hopeful, Jessica Ennis – that he undertook a small vox pop among readers buying the magazine from his local newsagent.

His argument is the cover stood out because of ‘trust': people trust Ennis, per se, and trust her also because she was not promoting any products, including fashion, or even herself.

Ball told allmediascotland.com: “I didn’t speak to many people, but the overwhelming message was that fashion and celebrity might not be such a draw for a magazine cover. When designing a cover, it’s about rewards and benefits: what can the prospective reader hope to gain by purchasing the magazine? The prospect of a good story – about Jessica Ennis – seemed to be enough for the small group of people I spoke to.”

Read his blog here.