Bill Anderson obit in today’s Herald

AN obituary of the former Sunday Post editor, Bill Anderson, is published today in The Herald.

Anderson died at the age of 77 and, as reported on allmediascotland at the weekend, he spent five decades at The Sunday Post, 22 years as editor.

Writes Alison Shaw today: “He became editor of The Sunday Post aged just 34 and steered it to a circulation of 1.5 million. He always said the paper was about people and human interest and a major factor in his success was his knowledge of his readership. He knew them inside out.

“His target reader was Mrs McGinty who lived up a tenement close in Glasgow and, if ever one of his reporters was unsure of anything they were writing, he would instruct them: ‘Ask yourself, “Would Mrs McGinty be interested in that?”‘

“Although he was a man who could put the fear of death into his staff, he was loyal, diplomatic and wise, despite his ferocity, and would never ask his employees to do anything he could not do himself. Highly intelligent, he was also focused, enthusiastic and compassionate.”