Ratner scheduled to speak at photographers’ annual awards

THE well-known entrepreneur, Gerald Ratner, has been lined up as the guest speaker at the Scottish annual awards of the Master Photographers Association.

The event has been organised by Seppi Preston, of Lighthouse Studios in Stirling, who told allmediascotland.com: “Usually, we have a wedding or portrait photographer. However, this year, as so many photographers and businesses in general are struggling, I have booked Mr Ratner to come and do a talk for us; on overcoming adversity and making your business a success during tough times. If anyone knows about doing that, it is surely him.”

Ratner is the author of ‘The Rise and Fall… and Rise Again’ which charts, in his own words, his varied entrepreneur career.

The event is taking place on Monday afternoon, in Edinburgh. Tickets are priced at £45, but members of the National Union of Journalists can apply for tickets at £40 each.

For more details, email seppi@lighthousestudios.co.uk or telephone 01786 475 007.