Thomson announces police complaint while keeping up criticism of football reporting of ‘Rangers story’

CRITICISM of some of the Scottish media, in its reporting of the placing of Rangers football club into administration, has been continued by the chief correspondent on Channel 4 News.

Alex Thomson has been as good as his word, when he spoke to allmediascotland just over a week ago, following the publication of a couple of blogs where, among other things, he wrote: “For years, too much football ‘journalism’ in Glasgow had been too lazy, sycophantic and incapable of asking awkward questions.”

He told he expected to continue commenting on the role of the media in its reporting of Rangers FC because “it is part of the story”.

And in an interview on Radio Clyde, he says fans have been “sold down the river” by, among others, the state of football journalism in Glasgow.

Thomson added he has complained to the police about an alleged threat of a physical assault by a journalist, which he mentioned in another blog.

He expressed a concern that there appeared to be no widespread condemnation of the alleged threat by the remainder of the journalism community. On the radio, he claimed to be holding a copy of a twitter boast by the person he says threatened him.

During his appearance, he also says four journalists – Graham Spiers and three others (unnamed) – have been willing to agree, on the record, with his less than flattering analysis of the way the story has been investigated.

In a panel discussion, Hugh Keevins of the Daily Record and Roger Hannah of The Scottish Sun both put up a spirited defence.

Rangers were placed into administration in February.