Criticism for size of government media services contract

A SCOTTISH Government invitation for an external operator of media services such as sending out media releases has been criticised for the size of the contract on offer.

Yesterday, noted bids were being invited for the contract, with a deadline for application being the 28th of next month.

Reports today’s Scotsman and other newspapers, the size of the contract is said to be £1million a year.

Tory MSP, Murdo Fraser, is quoted as saying: “The Scottish Government already directly employs a small army of spin doctors and communications professionals.

“Now it’s looking to spend large sums of public money on its media operation at a time when it tells us that money is tight.

“It would be unforgivable if it were to turn out that any of these funds were being spent in connection with the independence referendum campaign.”

Adds reporter, Andrew Whitaker: “However, the government insisted that the multi-million-pound deal was being tendered because the existing contract with firms such as Newslink, which runs its press release distribution service, and media monitoring service, Press Data Bureau, was due for renewal.”