The Sunday Post: Remember Not all Newspapers are the Same

The Holyrood Diary in The Sunday Post was, at the weekend, reflecting on the appearance, a few days previously, of former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, at the Leveson Inquiry into Press standards.

At the inquiry, Brown claimed that neither he nor his wife had given The Sun permission to run a story about his son, Fraser, having a health condition.

The diary continues: “The Sunday Post heard about the baby's condition [cystic fibrosis] weeks before they were published in The Sun.

“We contacted the Browns and they told us they didn't want to comment.

“We respected their privacy, and didn't print the story.

“Remember that not all newspapers are the same.” 

PS Later in the paper, columnist Ted Brocklebank also reflects on the week at Leveson, saying: “It was left to Gordon Brown to give Leveson a masterclass in what the inquiry is supposed to be about, the role and accountability of the press in an era of bewildering technological change and unprecedented economic challenge.

“As [Rupert] Murdoch earlier told the inquiry, the advertising threat from electronic media puts a far bigger question mark over the future of the press than any shake-up Leveson may produce.”