‘One of the most amazing experiences of my career': Walker

IT was, he says, one of the most amazing experiences of his career, according to the Sunday Herald editor.

Richard Walker was writing in his capacity as manager of a scratch band comprising Herald & Times journalists, who last night played three songs at music festival, T in the Park, despite having not played together only a few weeks ago (in the case of some, having not even played a musical instrument before).

Writes Walker today: “So, was it worth it? Absolutely. It has been an amazing experience watching our band – photographer Stewart Attwood on drums, reporters Catriona Stewart on keyboards and Rachel Loxton on bass, political correspondent Stewart Paterson on guitar and sports production journalist Ken McNab on vocals – throw themselves into the project and emerge as a pretty decent band capable of entertaining a crowd with a whole three completed songs.”

And later, he writes: “It was certainly one of the most amazing experiences of my career – taking a frankly ridiculous idea and bringing it to such glorious fruition. And it was a huge testament to the perseverance and sure bloody-minded courage of the band members. Having said that, I don’t think we will be doing it again, though.”

Yesterday, it was reported a different group of Herald & Times staff are preparing to ride the Glasgow-Edinburgh cycle ride, Pedal for Scotland.