Newspaper distribution posts at risk of redundancy at DC Thomson

SOME 59 transport, circulation and finance posts at newspaper publishers, DC Thomson, have been identified as being at risk of redundancy following the announcement of plans to switch how its Aberdeen Journals newspapers – such as the Press and Journal – are distributed.

Says DC Thomson, Aberdeen Journals has announced its intention to enter into consultation with staff members based in Aberdeen and Inverness.

It follows the company “actively considering the option of outsourcing to a third party provider for the distribution of its Aberdeen titles, The Press and Journal and Evening Express”.

The proposal means that up to 59 jobs are at risk of redundancy in the company’s transport, circulation and finance departments.

A DC Thomson statement quotes Ellis Watson, chief executive officer for publishing (newspapers and magazines), as saying: “We have been working hard to assess how our business can meet the challenges of the dramatic changes in the publishing industry and the turbulent economy.”

He is further quoted, as saying: “We are one of the last publishers in the country still distributing our own titles. The cost of producing and distributing to market is ever-increasing, which is why we’ve had to make this decision to outsource, rather than to see our business decline.

“We are working with our affected staff members to ensure the best possible outcome for each individual during this difficult period.

“By facing the challenges head-on and investing for a new era, we will maintain a strong position on the newsstands and continue our important role as an employer for the future.”