Punishment unlikely over Prince Harry pics, McLellan expects

THE Sun newspaper and the media and marketing magazine, The Drum, can expect to be on the receiving end of some “censorious language”, but not much else from the Press Complaints Commission over the publication of photographs of a naked Prince Harry – according to former Scotsman editor, John McLellan.

Writing on The Drum’s website today, McLellan – now director of communications at the Scottish Conservatives – claims the publication of the photographs was in the public interest.

McLellan, when at The Scotsman, served on the Press Complaints Commission.

And he writes: “So what will the new, tougher PCC do about all of this? Make The Sun and The Drum jump through hoops to justify themselves that’s for sure, but my hunch is that, while wrapped in suitable censorious language, they will not find against either publication on the basis that the story itself was in the public interest and the pictures were already so widely available that a ban on publication was ludicrous.”

Pic: Jane Barlow.