Media Kit: Computers shortlisted in gadget awards

ON the first of next month, the gadgets magazine, Stuff, is announcing the winners of its annual awards.

The shortlist in the Computer of the Year (2012) category has eight contenders.

Raspberry Pi Model B

Says Stuff: “Bringing computing back to the masses, the Raspberry Pi is a hobbyist’s dream. Endlessly customisable, its uses are limited only by your imagination.”

Apple MacBook Air 13in

Says Stuff: “Apple’s done it again – the MacBook Air is wafer-thin, feather-light and has been overhauled for 2012 with Ivy Bridge processing grunt. Tiny but powerful.”

Zotac Zbox nano XS AD11 Plus

Says Stuff: “The ultimate net-top or media centre, the Zotac packs a punch despite its sub Mac Mini frame. A PC for the post-PC era.”

Alienware X51

Says Stuff: |Who needs a games console? The X51’s a gaming PC that looks like it belongs next to your TV – and its specs blow current-gen consoles out of the water.”

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display

Says Stuff: “Pulsing with power and packing the spectacular Retina Display, Apple’s latest MacBook Pro is the future of laptops.”

HP Envy 14 Spectre

Says Stuff: “The Spectre isn’t just a pretty face – with Intel ULV processing, accelerated boot time, a 128GB SSD and a nine-hour battery under that gorgeous glass hood.”

Lenovo IdeaCentre A720

Says Stuff: “This folding all-in-one PC is your flexible friend, delivering iMac-challenging looks with touchscreen smarts. The ultimate all-in-one?”

Lenovo IdeaPad U300s

Says Stuff: “At a mere 15mm thin, this Ultrabook is a perfect compromise between power and size – at a bargain price.”

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