Lambie book collaboration set for May publication

THE most recent former editor of the Scottish Sunday Express has been spending these last few months collaborating on a book due for publication in May.

Derek Lambie – who the paper eight months ago, taking a voluntary redundancy package as part of a cost-cutting exercise – has worked with the mother of a young man who died at an army barracks 11 years ago.

The biography, A Mother’s War, tells the story of Yvonne Collinson Heath, whose son, James, died at the Deepcut barracks in Surrey.

Says Lambie: “It is a very powerful story, not only of Yvonne’s struggle for the truth behind her son’s tragic death but also of her own personal struggles throughout her own life.

“Yvonne has led what I can only describe as one of the most horrific and shocking upbringings I have ever encountered, and once the public learn about the life she had before her son died, they will see her as an even more remarkable woman than she is already perceived.

“It truly is an astonishing story of one woman’s heartache from birth to the present day.”

A Mother’s War is being published by Mainstream/Random House.