Storm of protest against Parks joined by rival, King

A STORM of protest against a column in the Daily Record has been joined by Iain King, in rival title, The Scottish Sun.

It follows a column on Tuesday by Gordon Parks, where, among other things, he describes as a waste the relatively modest amount of money spent by the Scottish Football Association on women’s football in Scotland.

That evening, he was on STV’s Scotland Tonight current affairs discussion programme, defending himself against Laura Montgomery – club manager of the hugely successful women’s football club, Glasgow City – and Lee McConnell, the well-known Scots athlete.

The next day, blogger, Stewart Weir, noted that he fared badly. It followed a barrage of comments criticising Parks, on twitter.

And in his blog, Iain King, describes how Parks’ column made him feel ashamed to be a journalist.

PS It has been the recent practice of to differentiate between men’s and women’s football. Given the recent relative success of the women’s national football team – in being just a few seconds from qualifying for the European Championships – it is no longer to possible to assume that the ‘national team’ is always going to be the men.

PPS Laura Montgomery is penning next week’s Friday column, on .