‘Augmented reality’ invite to readers to reveal where they are ‘doing it’

READERS of the Aberdeen evening newspaper, the Evening Express, are being invited to take part in a fun survey, revealing where they are reading the paper and using high-tech, ‘augmented reality’ to do it.

By downloading an app on to their smartphone or tablet and then taking a photo of a special advert in the paper, the result is what the paper is describing ‘augmented reality’, including video.

Say publishers, DC Thomson: “As part of the title’s #wheredoyoudoit campaign, the Evening Express’ in-paper adverts aim to engage in an innovative way, inviting readers to say where they read their copy of the newspaper.

“By holding a smartphone device over trigger adverts, users can interact with AR content which can range from images to animations or videos.”

The ‘augmented reality’ will include images of other readers and ‘where they are doing it’.

The app can be found by searching for its creators, Aberdeen-based media and comms agency, AVC Media.

The photo is taken using an ‘AR’ tab in the app.