Media Student Spotlight: Lisa Moir, Edinburgh Napier University

LISA Moir graduated from Edinburgh Napier University in 2006 with a BA (Hons) Business Studies with Entrepreneurship. She worked as a service manager in the motor trade for seven years, before embarking on a Masters degree in Journalism at Edinburgh Napier last year.

What course are you studying?

I am studying for a Masters in Journalism at Edinburgh Napier University.

What inspired you to choose this course ahead of all the others on offer?

I have always been a keen writer and, through my hobby of dog showing, had covered a number of events for the national canine press. I am interested in current affairs and getting to the heart of the story, so journalism was a natural course.

The course at Edinburgh Napier really appealed as it was so varied with strong emphasis on ‘multi-media’, which, in the dynamic technology-based environment we exist, was hugely important to me.

At what stage are you at?

I am currently writing my dissertation, with graduation in October.

What have you most enjoyed about the course so far?

I really liked that my peer group was small, allowing us all to get to know each other well, and as a result have made our first ‘contacts’ in each other.

The practical element of the course, in particular the TV and radio modules, have given me the opportunity to learn new skills and put them into practice using industry-level equipment and editing software.

During the magazine module, we created our own publication from start to finish, which was a valuable experience in group working.

What lies ahead and how are you preparing yourself for it?

I managed to secure a placement with the host broadcasters for the Commonwealth Games in July which I am really excited about. I think it is a fantastic opportunity to work on such a high-profile event, and be right there in the middle of the action. I have a couple of internships in the pipeline and I am just trying to gain as much experience as possible. I want to be confident going out into the workplace and don’t want to miss any opportunities.

Are you currently using any of your new-found skills in actual media work?

Recently, I produced some showcase videos for a children’s sports camp, so the filming and editing skills taught during the course were crucial.

I am constantly writing articles for different publications, but, at the moment, I am trying to focus on getting my dissertation done and dusted, so I can then turn my full attention to finding a job that I really want.

What next, after you have no doubt successfully completed your course?

My aim is to get a job in broadcast journalism with the long-term ambition to become a TV presenter.

Any single piece of media studies advice you want to share?

Resilience and persistence are good skills to possess in this industry. Also, be polite and courteous to everyone you meet: they could be a potential contact.