Media Broth: Medium rare

THE error has since been rectified, but the first edition of the new, pro-Scots independence newspaper, The National, contained a vital omission.

As The Guardian reports – here – the map used in the masthead of The National on launch day, Monday, was missing the Shetland Islands.

Which prompted a comment, naturally-enough, on Shetland News, here.

* * *

THE last edition of Media Broth reported how Scotland’s media corps had trounced their English counterparts, ahead of the countries’ respective men’s teams played out what was to prove a 3-1 win at Celtic Park for England.

And there was mention too of an England-Scotland match organised by The Drum media and marketing magazine.

And this contest of mainly marketing folk ended 12-12, as reported here.

Watch the action, here:

* * *

AND Celtic Park, as a venue for future football internationals, received a generous thumbs up from sports writer, Aidan Smith, in Scotland on Sunday (here).

Well, perhaps with one note of caution. As he writes: “In my self-conscious Scottish way I got embarrassed about… the Celtic Park press box with its basic wooden benches where it’s such a tight squeeze. What would the English scribes make of us?

“…but just before kick-off the pressure on the rickety benches got too much and an entire row collapsed, causing The Scotsman journo’s laptop to crash to the ground. Honestly, if the public knew the duress under which these match reports get written…”

* * *

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