Scottish Sunday Express facing PCC investigation over Dunblane article

THE Scottish Sunday Express has been accused of reaching the ‘lowest point’ in its history and is the subject of an investigation by the Press Complaints Commission over an article published last week.

It follows front page claims – made a week last Sunday – that now teenage survivors of the Dunblane Massacre have posted on the internet boasts about alcoholic binges and fights.

The PCC has confirmed it has received over 30 complaints about the article, including two from the families of people mentioned in the article.

Thirteen years ago, a Thomas Hamilton shot dead 16 children at Dunblane Primary School and their teacher.

The paper’s assertion was that the internet boasts ‘shame’ the memory of the Dunblane dead.

Sunday’s more recent edition of the paper carried two letters of complaint and the original article is understood to have been taken down from the paper’s website.

The accusation that the paper has reached its ‘lowest point’ appears in a blog campaign being mounted against the article.

The PCC is investigating the newspaper on privacy and accuracy grounds.

Editor, Derek Lambie, told allmediascotland: “[There’s] no comment only that we are dealing with it and have had constructive discussions with Dunblane families to remedy the situation.”