Freelancers urged to withdraw labour on April Fools’ Day

SCOTLAND’S freelance journalists are being urged to join forces with their counterparts south of the border for a day of action in protest over low rates being imposed by newspapers.

It follows an opinion piece by Fleet Street veteran, Liz Hodgkinson, on the Gentlemen Ranters website and reproduced on allmediascotland, here.

England-based hacks are holding a planning meeting on April Fools’ Day in the well-known Fleet Street watering hole, The Harrow.

Now moves are afoot for a Scottish meeting, possibly at the same time, either in Glasgow or Edinburgh, depending on the interest.

Aberdeen-based freelance Bob Dow told “I have been in contact with Liz about this and basically everyone is fed up at the rates newspapers pay and the way many of them treat freelances.

“Like the London meeting, the Scottish one will be a very informal affair giving freelances the chance to swop notes and see what we can do about it.”

Anyone interested in taking part should contact Bob at