‘Bite Me’ editor hoping to scent success with book

THE Glasgow-based editor and publisher of a magazine dedicated to vampires is tomorrow to have a book published comprising interviews with ‘real life vampires’.

Arlene Russo, of Bite Me magazine, is the author behind ‘The Real Twilight’, which is being launched today by John Blake Publishing.

Russo is described by the publishers as “the UK’s foremost vampire expert”.

Adds the publishers: “Working from the premise that vampires do exist, [Russo] looks at the nature of their appeal concluding that because the vampire embodies feelings of romance, mystery and power in a cold and computerised world we are drawn to them. Also as our culture become ever more technological so the vampire’s appeal can only grow.”

Says Russo: “True vampires do not need to kill at all and instead cultivate a relationship with their donor, thus ensuring a regular supply of blood. Nor are they afraid of the sun or garlic. And they don’t bite their victims.”