Corrected Version: Sunday Herald and Scotland on Sunday Enjoy Sales Boost

Sales of the Sunday Herald and Scotland on Sunday were boosted following the Scottish News of the World closure, allmediascotland has learned.

The Sunday Herald – which, with a coupon included inside the previous day’s edition of The Herald, could be bought for 50p – is understood to have enjoyed a 12 per cent sales surge last weekend with estimates of over 3,000 extra copies being sold. (In a previous version of this story, allmediscotland erroneously suggested that the cover price had been amended when in fact it remained the same, only a voucher for money off had been included in the previous day's edition).

Edinburgh-based rival, the Scotland on Sunday, failed to fare as well, however, with an uptake in sales of around 1,000 more copies – equivalent to an approximate 3 per cent rise.

The figures follow an announcement earlier today – as reported on allmediascotland – of the Sunday Mail, Scotland’s biggest-selling Sunday, selling 60,000 extra copies in the wake of the phone hacking scandal which saw rival, the News of the World, shut a week past on Sunday.

According to the Audit Bureau of Circulation, the Sunday Herald’s average sale in Scotland last month sat at 29,115, while the Scotland on Sunday rested at 48,630.