Record Claiming Readership Lead Restored

Update: This story has been updated, following new information emerging. Therefore, you are advised to read this, here.

The Daily Record is reporting it has reclaimed the top spot among daily newspapers when it comes to readership figures in Scotland.

It follows the publication of the National Readership Figures which, says the paper, sees the Daily Record swap places with the Monday-Saturday version of The Scottish Sun as the most-read daily newspaper in Scotland.

While the April 2010-March 2011 readership figure for The Scottish Sun was 911,000, its figure 12 months on – between April last year and March – was down 10.8 per cent to 813,000.

Meanwhile, the Record's figure for April last year to March was 856,000, up 0.4 per cent on 12 months previously, which stood at 853,000.

The Record reported its success on page two of its Saturday edition, highlighting some of its bigger stories of recent months.

Thanking readers, it said: “We know times are tough and do not take your loyalty for granted. So we work hard to give you real value for money.” 

On Friday, reported UK-wide readership figures.

These Scotland-only ones also saw Record sister title, the Sunday Mail, register a 0.3 per cent drop in readership over the two time frames: from 1,030,000 to 999,000.

The Sunday Post was down 0.2 per cent (614,000 to 613,000).

The Scottish Daily Mail was down 16 per cent (281,000 to 236,000) while its Sunday sister, the Scottish Mail on Sunday, was down 6.4 per cent (236,000 to 221,000).

The Herald, though, was up (6.6 per cent, 151,000 to 161,000) as was the Press and Journal (169,000 to 185,000 = 9.5 per cent).

Record stablemates, The Mirror, the Sunday Mirror and The People were all up (66,000 to 95,000 = 43.9 per cent, 105,000 to 122,000 = 16.2 per cent and 36,000 to 47,000 = 30.6 per cent, respectively).

The survey involves people being interviewed in their homes, about their newspaper and magazine reading habits. Readership figures are larger than sales ones because a single copy of newspaper is often read by more than one person.

Other figures reported are:

Evening Times up 2.1 per cent (144,000 to 147,000)

The Courier down 15.4 per cent (169,000 to 143,000)

Daily Star of Scotland down 8.5 per cent (153,000 to 140,000)

The Scotsman down 11 per cent (146,000 to 130,000)

Scotland on Sunday down 33.5 per cent (191,000 to 127,000)

Sunday Herald down 25.3 per cent (166,000 to 124,000)

Scottish Daily Express down 10.1 per cent (138,000 to 124,000)

Scottish Sunday Express up 6.6 per cent (122,000 to 130,000)

Metro up 4.7 per cent (277,000 to 290,000).