Spiers Writes Movingly of his Late Father

Best known as a sportswriter and broadcaster, Graham Spiers has often, throughout his career, gone 'off piste' to tackle subjects other than sport, including his Faith.

His sports journalism may have riled many but few could fail to be moved by an article yesterday in The Herald's magazine, to mark Father's Day.

Spiers' late father was a Baptist minister and Spiers is unabashed in declaring his love for him. 

Spiers writes: “It is now nine months since my dad died and, like many a privileged son, I still miss him. He lived until he was 80, a wise, caring, fun parent. I loved him deeply. Every day of my life, even when I got into my forties, I couldn't wake to see him, to speak to him, to recount some experience I'd had and hear his reaction.”

And later: “When he died at 6pm that day I lifted his brown, warm hand to my face and tasted again the lovely scent of my dad. Even in death, it was a beautiful experience.”