BBC and STV report death of aviation writer, Jim Ferguson

THE aviation writer, Jim Ferguson, has died, aged 74 – reports both the BBC and STV.

Says the BBC, of the Aberdeen-based writer, Ferguson died, after suffering a stroke. It said: “He started writing and broadcasting in the mid-1960s, and was a regular contributor the BBC, other broadcast outlets, and to flight journals.”

Adds STV, a motion submitted to the Scottish Parliament by MSP, Kevin Stewart, reads: “That the Parliament is saddened to hear of the passing of Aberdeen resident, Jim Ferguson; believes that he was an invaluable source of expertise on aviation and defence; notes that he wrote for a number of magazines and publications at home, in Europe and in the United States; understands that Jim served in the Royal Navy and was also active in the RNLI, and passes its condolences to his wife Linda, family and friends.”

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