New look for as it unveils new services

WELCOME to the new-look, a project that many of you will know has taken some time to see the ‘light of day’.

Hopefully, though, the wait has been worth it, as the site introduces several new elements, including new editorial – including a daily feature and a column every Friday – plus additional functionality for our clients, who use the site to place their media releases in front of our journalist readers, as story ideas.

You’ll notice a media directory – to find and be found – plus a chance to earn £££s by becoming an affiliate.

Several thanks are, of course, in order, not least to Dave Rattray and his digital team for their sheer genius in making the site the powerhouse we all hope it will become. Plus the very many readers who have donated columns, other content, tip-offs, suggestions and good wishes.

The new design aims to take allmediascotland up to a new level. We hope you enjoy joining us.

It will also come as a no doubt blessed relief to readers whose internet browser is Internet Explorer. For some reason, the two – IE and AMS – have not been ‘speaking to each other’ these last few days.

Because of the new look, readers who have registered but not yet purchased a product will require to re-register. The incentive is a £25 money-off coupon – that expires after 24 hours on being emailed as part of a Welcome Pack – and which can be set against a media release subscription, a job advert or an entry in the newly-launched media directory.

PS It goes without saying that, for all the many weeks involved in designing and testing this new look, there’s nothing like it running for real to tease out functionality issues. Your feedback and patience is much appreciated.