Features production editor, The Scottish Sun

CLOSING DATE: October 14, 2012

What’s the job?

Features Production Editor

Where do I work?

The Scottish Sun, News International, Glasgow

Who’s my manager?

The Editor

What’s the deadline for applications?

October 14 2012

Why are we here?

To help attract more readers to enjoy our papers and digital products seven days a week. We relentlessly seek to lead the market, delivering the most engaging and informative content available.

How do we contribute?

By writing brilliant headlines and designing sparkling pages for Scotland’s best-selling tabloid. Our standards are extremely high and you’ll need to be confident you can achieve them.

What’s my personal contribution?

As well as having a way with words and a flair for design, you’ll be self-motivated, brimming with enthusiasm and full of ideas for improving features, drawing and presenting them in an imaginative style.

What are my accountabilities?

• You need to be fully aware of potential legal issues and must always act in accordance with the PCC Code of Conduct.

• Striking up good working relationships with colleagues in other areas is vital.

• You’ll be keen to adapt to digital platforms for The Sun and willing to work flexible hours over a seven-day rota pattern.

• Great headlines are what makes The Sun different from other papers and all our Production staff are master craftsmen and women of the English language.

• Keen attention to detail and a vision of what turns an ordinary Features idea into a great Sun Features page or spread.

• Consulting with Features Editor/writer in order to resolve issues with copy and keeping middle and back bench informed on changes that arise as stories and plans develop.

• Able to suggest new angles to Features desk.

• Must have and maintain a wide knowledge of current affairs and trends, Showbiz, TV news, music and popular culture through reading various titles as well as utilising other media platforms daily. Suggest Feature ideas as follow-ups to news stories which have been carried in The Sun and elsewhere.

Must Haves (Skills and Behaviours)

• An obsessive interest in popular culture and current affairs, bags of drive and confidence and a cracking sense of humour.

• Able to work under pressure of tight and frequent deadlines.

• Well organised.

• Adaptability – able to adapt style dependent on the Feature story, whether it be gritty Real Life, Showbiz, fun or serious investigation.

• A real flair for designing Sun Features pages and spreads, making them stand out from the opposition.

Apply here.

Contact: The Scottish Sun

Website: http://www.newsinternationalcareers.co.uk/jobs/407814/editorial-features-production-editor-scottish-sun