Piers Finds Ally in Rowat

The envy of some of the journalistic fraternity of the continuing success story of former Daily Mirror editor, Piers Morgan, prompted comment from Alison Rowat, The Herald columnist, in her regular slot in Saturday’s paper.

Wrote Rowat: “Seismologists are puzzling over a loud grinding noise in major metropolitan areas. It’s almost like a million teeth are being gnashed in fury. I’m relieved to report that it’s not an earthquake but the reaction of some journalists to Piers Morgan taking over Larry King’s CNN slot.

“If there’s one thing funnier than old Piers, it’s the way he annoys the chat show out of his former colleagues with his ability to keep climbing the greasy pole, whatever setbacks, fake photos and all, come his way.

“To those once more sick with envy, console yourselves with this: he’s obscenely overpaid, he’s definitely overrated but at least now he’s over there.

“For the minute anyway.”