Rogano Restaurant Receives Handsome Tribute

Popular with journalists, the Rogano restaurant in Glasgow was given handsome coverage in yesterday's Scotsman newspaper, as it celebrates its 75th birthday this month.

It was written by Stephen McGinty, who is on a bit of a roll for Glasgow landmarks these days – last week, he did a contemplative two-page spread on the statue to former First Minister, Donald Dewar, in the city's Buchanan Street.

McGinty evidently likes Rogano, commenting: “Foodies may favour other establishments, but overall, for atmosphere, service and cuisine, Rogano is an institution to which I would happily be committed to.”

And that name – well, it has nothing to do with anything remotely Italian.

It began life, in 1874, as a Bodega Spanish wine cellar which sold wines, whisky and sherries. Five years later, James Roger took over as manager, and, when the Bodega company sold up, purchased the property in silent partnership with a Mr Anderson.

A new name was required – so the pair combined the first three letters of ‘ROGer’ with ‘ANOther’, to create Rogano.