Dye You Think he Might?

It seems the 'fine folk at Radio Clyde News' were discussing this morning whether STV News anchor, John MacKay, dyes his hair.

allmediascotland understands this to be the case not because of having tuned into the radio station, but courtesy of MacKay's funny, self-depricating Tweets on the subject.

As long ago as February two years ago, he even starred in his own video seeking to scotch the rumour.

As he adds: “I hope the video puts the matter to rest. No blue, no green, definitely no Burgundy. I thank you and good day.”

You gotta feel for him. As he tweeted yesterday: “Creme Egg stolen from my desk. Played it cool. Didn't make a fuss. Carried out an investigation. Found culprit. Egg back. Melted.”